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Our System

As the critical problems of financial fraud and identity theft combine with the increasing threat of cybercrime, insurgency and terrorism, nations and institutions throughout the world are turning to e-Smart® Technologies, and its parent company e-Smart® International (formerly IVI Smart Technologies, Inc.) for the most advanced technological solution for safety, security and homeland defense….the Biometric Verification Security System (“BVS2™), with the Super Smart Card™ and new “I AM™” wireless RF secure ID . e-Smart® is providing the future’s solutions NOW!

e-Smart® announces its next generation Wireless RF super thin polyimide flexible circuit biometric Super Smart Card™ which has been named "™ "

The new e-Smart® Super Smart Cards are made with a super adhesion technology and a superthin polyimide flexible circuit, and, have a super strong adhesive substrate that secures its external surface to its internal circuitry. The embedded MPU instantly verifies the identity of the cardholder, and communicates with ISO standardized card readers and other devices. The new super thin polyimide flexible circuit with super adhesion technology and infrastructure enables e-Smart's® “” cards to be produced at lower costs, while providing higher security and what experts believe to be a tamper-proof card body and counterfeit-proof smart card.

e-Smart®'s “” Super Smart Card can protect individual's physical safety, financial security personal identity and privacy.

e-Smart®'s "™” and SUPER SMART Card™ and ONE CARD™ are using the same fingerprint matching algorithm as the BioAPI 2.0 based "e- Smart®'s Fingerprint Matching Engine".

e-smart®'s Fingerprint Matching Engine
e-Smart®'s Fingerprint Matching Engine is a software kit allowing capture and processing of fingerprint images. • as a capture engine, it acquires fingerprint images when connected to e-Smart®'s imaging device. • as a processing engine, it can generate templates out of a fingerprint image and erform a match based on two input templates. e-Smart®'s Fingerprint Matching Engine follows the BioAPI 2.0 specification.

The Super Smart Card™
Globally acknowledged as the world's first & only commercially available, Wireless RF, ISO compatible, contact and contactless, totally secure, inter-operable, multi-application, unique biometric smart card with its fingerprint sensor & matching system completely on-card.
Super Smart Passport™
The first & only digital passport that authenticates passport holder’s identity via completely on-board fingerprint sensor and totally unique, secure biometric matching system, using long-range wireless powered via ISO standard 14443 antenna with no physical connection needed.

Super Smart Card™ & Super Smart Passport™
operate on e-Smart®’s advanced BVS2™ Platform – the one Interoperable Secure Platform urgently needed by governments, banks and commercial institutions in this age of rampant cybercrime to secure all their data communication by preventing unauthorized access to data, making tampering or hacking into and accessing data on the BVS2™ platform or in transit virtually IMPOSSIBLE.

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